Coming out of the Covid Closet

By Fay Jacobs

I know about coming out. But I never thought I’d be doing essentially the same thing twice in my life. …

A news article at the end of May punched me in the gut and sent me flying to the computer to speak out.

Police Banned from Participating in New York City Pride Events until 2025


According to news reports, the governing body for the New York Pride Parade has…

(This has been proudly published in the April edition of Delaware Beach Life)

Escape from IRS Clutches

Hello, friends. As you may know, my last book was titled Fried & Convicted. Just a fun title, meaning nothing.

But last year the IRS contacted me last saying I owed them over…

January 15, 2021

It would have been enough

I’m not religious. I think of Judaism as my wonderful culture and heritage, but I stay pretty clear of organized religion. I’m more of a lox and bagel, chopped liver kind of Jew.

However, I do love to celebrate Passover with a…

December 18, 2020

And then this happened…

My first day of retirement was a bitch.

At 7:15 a.m., carpet installers knocked on our door. I got up to answer, tripped over our old carpet, which we’d pulled back to shore up the floor, went airborne, and landed, with a thunderous…

CAMPout, December 11, 2020

by Fay Jacobs

My Long, Magical Ride

With this issue of Letters from CAMP Rehoboth, the magazine has ended its 30th Anniversary year. In publishing, that’s quite a run. In Queer publishing, it’s a remarkable and historic run. From a four-page “newsletter” to an oft-times 120-page color magazine, the march…

Hello. I am about to retire as editor of the magazine Letters from CAMP Rehoboth and end my column CAMPout, which ran in the magazine for the last 26 years.

And, to avoid going crazy I still need a place to ruminate, rant, doodle, dawdle, raise my voice, register my frustrations and otherwise produce digital ink and word salad. So here I am. My first blog story will appear December 11, the day my last column in Letters is published. I will also publish it here so you learn my story and (hopefully) will join me for my upcoming blog journey. See you soon.

Fay Jacobs

Humorist, activist, storyteller and journalist with six published books, living in Rehoboth Beach, DE with my long-time spouse and a miniature Schnauzer.

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